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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The New York Times > Technology > Technology Special > Form & Function: As Cellphones Bulk Up, How Much Is Too Much?: "In surveys of cellphone users, respondents say there are three things they always take with them when they leave home: wallet, keys and cellphone. A recent survey conducted for BBDO Worldwide, the advertising agency, found that 75 percent of cellphone owners in the United States kept their phones turned on and within reach 16 or more hours a day. And when asked if they had ever answered their mobile phones during sex, 15 percent said yes. Go figure."

Only in my twisted mind would I wonder if in countries where people are heavy text messengers, what the percent of people who text message while having sex?

Lets not even begin to start about the Jewish mothers who complain when the children don't pick up the phone. When you call them back, should you tell them that the reason you didn't pick up the phone was the you were in the middle of the act that has the opportunity to bring them a grandchild. What is the good jewish mother going to say;
"That wasn't a good reason for you not to pick up, you could have been dying and in need of a bowl of chicken soup. You were in bed, during the day none the less! Pick up the phone when I call you."


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