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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Chronicle: My Own Private Library

I think I may have this man's disease [which I believe is both a good thing, and in my family hereditary.] Now if I could only limit myself to one medium instead of two I might be better off. Currently I collect both sound recordings and printed words. My small space of America is over filling with books, magazines, CD's, and LP's. My collections are always growing at a faster rate then I am able to consume them, either by reading them or listening to them. Then there are the times when for weeks on end my collection doesn't grow at all, and I think that there is something wrong with me. Which there isn't at all, because in these weeks I have been productive in going through some of my piles of materials and cutting them down to size.

So I look at my piles of books and recordings, and think you know I could have a ton of more floor space if I put in more shelves. So I figure out what I need and start getting it. But living in a city and carrying things home on the subway has its disadvantages. You see the best places to acquire new books, CDs, LPs, etc. are near these same stores where I am getting the new shelving supplies. So can you guess what gets picked up?...

And another article for the chronicle to add, am I headed towards this path? And if I am not, how can I be? The Chronicle: In Praise of Eccentric Professors

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Observer | Magazine | Richard Dreyfuss

There is something about the way that Jews interview, I can say what it is. I don't think of Richard Dreyfuss as a comedian, but he can still tell some good 'jokes.' Think Myron Cohen.

It is a shame that Richard Dreyfuss has retired from film, he has the right hair cut to play Myron Cohen. Not that a hair cut should dictate the parts that actors get.

The West Wing + Yiddish Theater

The West Wing and Yiddish Theater is not something that one expects to hear in the same sentence, let alone hear a joke about Yiddish Theater on The West Wing. But yet, in the season opening episode, "NSF Thurmont" (Episode 2T5001), Leo (John Spencer) makes a crack about how you need something, and a bunch of raised eyebrows and we can start a Yiddish Theater troupe. I will try to head back the to TIVO and figure out what the first thing was, though the 'raised eyebrows' I think where the key.

I would think the key to starting a Yiddish Theater troupe would be Yiddish, but I guess raised eyebrows are more important. (When I think of raised eyebrows I think of a Marx Brother, but they weren't Yiddish speakers.)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Online censor says no to the Horniman

Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Online censor says no to the Horniman

This really is too funny, I saw this first on ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News and just had to repost it. I won't even try to write something pithy about the subject, I will just let your read it for yourself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gastronomica | The Egg Cream Racket

Gastronomica | The Egg Cream Racket

What scholars will write about on there road to tenure. To think, that this type of work can even sustain its own semi-scholarly publication. Nothing like an article that makes you thirsty, time to go get an Egg Cream.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Supertitles - Audiences hang on opera's every word

This article is wonderful in describing the issues that designers of supertitles have. (And even the technological issues). It is a good read for people who want to know how these things work, and why you shouldn't be scared of foreign language productions that have them, both as the cast and the audience. They are so much better than any headphone based systems, as they keep the cast in the center of the attention of the audience.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

In Search of American Jewish Culture I Books: In Search of American Jewish Culture (Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture and Life) by Stephen J. WHitfield

So, I started reading this book tonight. I was troubled by his use of cultural references that may date the book, and make it harder for readers down the road to read. Some of the cultural references are ok, like "America's most effective dissident who would speak in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963." (No name of this person given, and this leads to a problem in the index, this reference to him isn't indexed while another one is.)

The cultural reference that gets me more is "Hart Schaffner and Marx." Though it is cited why does it have to be repeatedly used to refer to three Jewish Authors of the 20th Century. (This is the literary partnership of Roth, Bellow, and Malamud.) Notice that these writters write in English, and that the great American Yiddish writters are not included. And why limit this to just these three, where does someone like Potok fall? [Potok must be too Jewish, he doesn't even make the index. Though the book tries not to be complete, and as much has been written about American Jewish Writters doesn't dwell on the subject.

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