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Friday, April 16, 2004

Cubs's Win, but game was umped ugly

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Box Score

C.B. Bucknor needs to be looked at by the head of the national league umpires. Wait, can some one knock the sense into the idiot who closed that office. I like inter-league play, but I can't stand inter-leauge umpires. The Cincinnati manager Dave Miley was ejected for arguing balls and strikes, and he was right. The pitch was a ball. Then in the 7th Dusty Baker was ejected for arguing lineup position after a double switch. How can an ump mess up a double switch?

I think both teams should have played the game under protest. This ump, needs to be looked at. If some catchers are having problems with pop-ups and the Hockey style masks, why are umps being allowed to wear them. They are fine for Hockey where you don't need to look up, but in baseball you need a much wider feel of view.


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