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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-Stars

I had a chance to see the Klezmer Brass All-Stars last night at Mehanata; Balkan Cultural Club. Nice second floor bar in China town. It was a party for the movie Divan. The place was a bit small for everyone who wanted to dance. All in all it was a fun time. They had a DJ afterward, and normally I can't stand DJ's. But he was spinning so cool Balkan tunes, and even some Jewish shit. The Balkan Brass Band version of Hava Negila was really good. And there is nothing like a bunch of Yidn dancing the hora in a really tight circle and singing. I wonder what the normal people where thinking?

The weird thing was they had a TV at the bar that was showing some French show that to quote a friend was showing lots of teykhesls (pl. for Tuchas). It fit in really well with the band talking and their repertoire of drinking tunes.


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