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Saturday, September 27, 2003 - MLB - Chicago's 'Loveable Losers' become winners - MLB - Chicago's 'Loveable Losers' become winners

The Lakeview Baseball Club sign now reads Eamus Catuli 005895. Need I say anything else. The sign used to read 145895. (numbers are in two digit units (don't ask what would happen if the two right digits are allowed to roll over) last division championship / last world series appearance / last world series victory.) Eamus Catuli translates roughly as Go Cubs.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Waiting for the Messiah of Eastern Parkway

Waiting for the Messiah of Eastern Parkway (This past weekends NYTimes Sunday Magazine)

This seems to be a fairly even, though a bit short story. Their seems to be enough for it to be the cover story of the sunday magazine (if not a whole shelf of books.)

Saturday, September 20, 2003

FORWARD : The Rabbi Plays One on TV

FORWARD : Forward Living; The Rabbi Plays One on TV

Check out the last paragraph, I can understand Jason Alexander, Larry King, Arthur Miller, and Theodore Bikel. But Mary Hart, man my Yid Tracker really missed her. Then again I also missed the native Yiddish speaker on ESPN who hosts Around the Horn.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Playing Mona Lisa

I watched "Playing Mona Lisa" on HBO this morning.
A) Don't watch the movie.
B) It is a funny Jewish movie.
C) See A.

It is about a piano player graduating from Music Conservatory, and the trials and tribulations that life leads her on. The only good thing going for it though is that the family is Jewish.

Other than that, my internet at home is not working. (Thanks Verizon).

Thursday, September 04, 2003

iPod + Classes

So, I joined the iPod generation today. Nothing like being able to walk around with your digital music collection. Slowly but Shirley my vinyl collection is also going to be finding its way over. This will make the hour trip to school much easier. (I could use the Mini-Disc player, but it was always to time consuming to impute the titles of tunes, I can't stand listening to something and not know what it is.) Now if only the iPod offered Yiddish as one of its languages, that would be a great way to work on my Yiddish skills.

Classes started this week, and so far so well. Today I tried to do my homework for Research Methods, but I can't access the proxy serve yet, it takes three weeks for e-mail address to be given out to new students which you need to have to sign in to the proxy server. (Which may still also be done from the power outage last month.) So tomorrow I will either make to the trip their or to the Lincoln Center Library so I can read an article in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and compare it to the entry for the same topic [composition] in the Harvard Dictionary of Music (which I have a copy sitting on my shelf, the 29 volumes of the Grove, even if I did have the money to get, I don't have a place to put them [though if I had the money to get them one would think I would have the money to buy a bookshelf to put them on.])

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