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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Sorry about the lack of Updates
Between the high-speed access at my place going down, and working on the Folksbiene Gala that was held last night at the 92nd Street Y. For those of you who were at the Folksbiene Gala, wow.

How about Ian Finkel, man was it fun to watch him play. Along with his brother Elliot and their father Fyvush they proved to be one of the great acts in an all star studded cast. The chops of the two brothers have to be seen to be believed, Elliot's piano playing is just amazing. Admittedly they are large guys, but to see someone who can play both extreme octaves at the same time, and then move back fast to the middle octaves are amazing. It was a shame that the cigar that graced Ian mouth for the reh.
during the day didn't stay for the evening show. But at least he kept up with the loud cave man auditory accompaniment / conducting during the show.

Other acts of note where the staged version of Ghetto Tango, Claire Barry, Lisa Fishman, and the film put together by Josh Waletsky. It was great to see 900+ people come together to celebrate an evening of Yiddish Theatre. The stories that Fyvush, Mike Burstyn, Claire Barry, and Alan King told about their time spent in the Yiddish Theatre of old were great.

And as the producer of the slide show accompaniment it was great to actually see pictures of people that I had only seen names of before. It was also great to get the opportunity to see so many great theater ads, and posters.


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