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Friday, June 20, 2003

Sex and the City

Yesterday was my last day in the sound archives for the next month. I am taking some time off to do the YIVO summer institute to improve my Yiddish. The interesting music that I heard was a recording by Abe Schwartz from 1923 on the Strong Label. The version of the Russian Sher, a Russian Sher. The other side was a nice little Fun Der Chupe Tantz that I have never heard before. One of those nice little tunes that needs to come back into the standard playlists. Hopefully someone, or three will come into the sound archive to learn it.

On other notes, the Klezmatics will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the HBO show Sex and the City. Don't worry I won't give the reason that they will be on the show away, it is up for you to find a place to watch it if you don't get HBO.


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