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Friday, May 16, 2003

Playing with Vinyl
This morning I was cataloging some of the recent Vinyl I have gotten in, along with some material that had been sitting around that need to be cataloged. I came across and interesting discovery. I had purchased a record and cookbook set last year on Ebay; Music & Food of Jewish Peoples. The cookbook is "The Art of Jewish Cooking" by Jennie Grossinger (yes, of the Grossinger hotel.) And it must have been a popular cookbook, it was on its 22nd printing.

But back to the record which was more interesting to me. The title was Jewish Wedding Dances - Horas - Shers - Waltzes, by the Joseph Korda Players. I had never heard of Joseph Korda, so I typed the record into the database and then cleaned and played it. From the moment the needle touched the Vinyl I knew that I already owned a copy of the album. But the other copy sure didn't say Joseph Korda on it. It was easy to tell, the clarinetist was Dave Tarras. The album was one of the albums that Dave made with Murry Leher but I couldn't remember which one. So I went to write an e-mail to someone about it. But while I was doing that I decided to look up the couple of albums that Dave and Murry did together and see if something clicked. Well it sure did, it lined up right on with "Freilach For Weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Other Celebrations - Vol.1" on the Request label (SRLP 10102 for those that are interested). They didn't even change the track order, or any names of the tunes.

You never know what you are going to stumble across when you aren't looking for it.


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